EIFF: #ChicagoGirl - The Social Network Takes On A Dictator, Review

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube has connected people together from all over the world. While many use it for entertaining reasons, others use them in a much larger scale.

Nineteen year-old Ala’a Basatneh is constantly checking her mobile for notifications. She’s online in lectures and even active on Facebook at home using her laptop. But she’s using it in a different way. Ala’a's attention is deeply focused on working tirelessly as a coordinator of a revolution 6000 miles away.

By playing a vital role, she's involved in setting up protest events and supplying activists with recording equipment so that the world can experience how Syrian's are being mistreated. Ala'a also distributes footage filmed by feared locals who are right in the middle of the conflict. She fights for publicity and exploits the situation through the use of an unstoppable tool, social media. Through Ala’a's trust on a wide network, she’s able to help organise and communicate with protestors on the ground in Syria.

We’re also introduced to another major contributor, Bassel Shahade. He lives in Syria and teaches civilian journalists how to record the shocking crimes. The footage taken by Bassel leaves a speechless wide effect on the audience, as he avoids explosions and violence happening all around him.

What catches the viewer’s eye about this outstanding documentary is its fresh and interesting approach on an ongoing issue and it’s incredibly inspiring team players.

It’s moving and will take you on an emotional, but inspiring journey through the eyes of what’s really happening inside Syria.

'#ChicagoGirl - The Social Network Takes On A Dictator' is screening at the Edinburgh International Film Festival on 28th June.

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