EIFF: Cold in July, Review

This exceptional thriller and Western has made its way to the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

‘Cold in July’ takes you down a dark, violent route of tension and filled with unexpected twists, keeping you on the edge of your seat.

Based on Joe R. Lansdale’s crime novel set in the late 1980s, this intense film follows family man Richard Dane (played by Michael C Hall) who is being cursed for accidently shooting an intruder in his front room.

The son’s ex-con father (Sam Shepard) attempts at punishing Richard and his family, however in an unexpected turn, he joins ranks with his enemy after discovering the truth isn’t exactly what it seems.

The pair are joined by classy private detective Jim Bob (Don Johnson), who brings a sense of humour to every scene and becomes the third-strong action ensemble to make up their ‘The Expendables’ team.

As the end credits started to roll, the audience cheered for this magnificent film and its big climatic finale.

‘Cold in July’ is next showing on 23rd June at Filmhouse 1. To find out more and book tickets visit www.edfilmfest.org.uk