EIFF: Hawking, Review

Armed with only my Standard Grade Physics certificate and my EIFF Pass today I ventured into the world of Steven Hawking.

Expecting to be baffled by science instead I was guided through the story of Hawking’s early life, his time at university and his struggle with Motor Neurone Disease.

Narrated by Steven himself, the documentary is punctuated by short reconstructions with actors and interviews with key people from his life.

The director (Steven Finnigan) has managed to get close access to the genius himself and the people around him to get you a great insight into his life and how he has managed to prevail despite his illness.

I expected the ‘computer generated’ narration would get on my nerves however, I found that I got used to it and started concentrating on what he was actually saying.

A really interesting documentary, which gives you far more than you would expect.

The European premier of ‘Hawking’ is at the 2013 Edinburgh International Film Festival on Friday the 28th of June.

Tickets and more info is available at www.edfilmfest.org