EIFF: The Japanese Dog, Review

This heart-warming film, based in Romania, focuses on an elderly man who soon realises what’s important in life, family.

Recently widowed Costache (Victor Rebengiuc) is dealing with the aftermath of a heartbreaking flood, in his small friendly town. He begins to slowly rebuild his lonely life until his son Tico (Serban Pavlu) and family unexpectedly turn up on his door step for a short period.

After many years apart, their friendship starts off as weak and neither of the pair presents a family bond. Surprisingly quickly however, Costache see’s the only thing left in life is family and creates a satisfying special relationship with his grandson. This turns him from grumpy and depressed to wonderfully happy, which is a joy for the audience to see. As a new family man, he decides to move 5,000 miles away to Japan to be closer to them.

Its stunning camera work of underprivileged Romania plays a big character in the film, with its refreshing conclusion and superb shots of the country.

‘The Japanese Dog’ premiers at the Edinburgh International Film Festival on 28th and 29th June.

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