EIFF: Korso, Review

Finnish film ‘Korso’ follows Markus, with his dream to move to big-city New York to become a basketball star.

Living in a dead end town of Korso, he spends his days practising his skills, trying to pickup girls and drinking in a rundown warehouse with his friends. Much like himself, they are unemployed, uneducated and are nothing but trouble to their community. But this doesn’t stop him from pursuing his life-time ambition of becoming bigger than what his reality is.

To afford his golden ticket, he gets himself and mates into trouble from a local money dealer. Given the opportunity, will he follow his big step forward?

Throughout this unique adventure film, it keeps the audience guessing where the story is leading to. Theirs many twists and turns with the film’s story that leads it into a surprising but satisfying direction. It’s upbeat soundtrack and sneaky hand-held camera shots add to the overall feel of living in a dark, suburban.

‘Korso’ has been selected to the Teen Spirit section of the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2014. Find out more about the film at www.edfilmfest.org.uk