EIFF: Let Us Prey, Review

Scottish and Irish film ‘Let Us Prey’ premiers at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

The opening credits set out promising, with powerful and intriguing shots of Scottish/Irish territory. Shortly afterwards it begins to letdown viewers with its bizarre script and lost sense of characterization.

Police Constable Rachel Heggie has been transferred to a small town in Scotland’s Inveree, where she sets out on her first shift. During her twisted night, she comes across many deceitful criminals, including her own bitter colleagues. However, after imprisoning a peculiar man, amongst others, things turn grim for the locals in the cells. They soon realize everyone is holding back dim secrets and are faced with a frightening hell.

Pollyanna Macintosh (Filth) plays the newbie local police constable, whilst Liam Cunningham (Game of Thrones) sets out as a spooky, misleading character ‘Six’.

Throughout the movie, it attempts to build tension with its eerie sounds with quick flashy scenes and it’s ridiculously annoying characters. Laughs from the audience at scenes which were meant to be somewhat serious, were embarrassing for the brilliant (Hand of The King) Liam Cunningham. His performance stands out from the rest, as his character feels satisfyingly real and powerful.

'Let Us Prey' is part of the Audience Award at the Edinburgh International Film Festival and is showing on 21st June. To find out more and book tickets visit www.edfilmfest.org.uk