EIFF: This Is Martin Bonner, Review

Rating: ****

This heart-warming film follows Martin Bonner who has left behind his life and family to work in Reno for an organisation that helps newly released prisoners adapt to the life outside the prison system. Meanwhile Travis Holloway has just completed a 12-year prison sentence. He try's to re-establish his relationship with his teenage daughter and builds himself a new life in Reno. Both characters come from different backgrounds and find themselves forming a closer relationship together.

'This Is Martin Bonner' is an absolutely stunning film which shows Martin and Travis developing an understanding and supportive relationship in both their new life's. It leaves the audience with a smile and respect for both characters due to the touching relationship development throughout the film.

Write and Director Chad Hartigan's warm and thoughtful American indie film shows beautiful scenes filmed in Reno, which truly adds this film as a must see.

Paul Eenhoorn picked up a well deserved Special Jury prize for Best Actor at this year's Nashville Film Festival (the film also won an Audience Award at Sundance Film Festival) for his supportive, amiable and perfect portrayal as Martin.

Screening Dates
Wednesday 26th June: 20:45 at Cineworld
Sunday 30th June: 13:00 at Cineworld