EIFF: The Nut Job, Review

This incredibly funny animated film follows Surly and his Ratatouille look-alike rat friend, who pull a heist at a Nut Store.

Surly, a cartoon squirrel (voiced by Will Arnett), is a nuisance to his community and as ‘winter is coming’ all the animal inhabitants of Liberty Park are on the lookout for food. A rare opportunity approaches them, which involves robbing a Nut stall, however it all falls terribly wrong and leaves the animals without a home.

After destroying their only food supply, Surly is faced by top guy Raccoon (Liam Neeson) - without his special set of skills - who decides on kicking the troubled squirrel out of his friendly neighbourhood. He sniffs his way to impress the park by pulling off the heist of a life-time, with the help from his fellow friends.

This entertaining family film is full of surprises, which keeps you smiling throughout the movie. It feels like it has potential to be a franchise like Madagascar or Ice Age, however it lacks in a feel for the characters. We’re not given a reason to necessarily care for the park animals, but it’s fun, nutty and will leave you chuckling.

You'd be NUTS to miss the first UK premier of 'The Nut Job' at the Festival Theatre on 29th June.

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