EIFF: Three Films for Three Days

EIFFChris Fujiwara, Artistic Director of Edinburgh International Film Festival.

The Edinburgh International Film Festival 2013 is about to come to a close for another year, so why not make the most of your weekend at the movies!

We've had over 146 interesting, exciting and funny movies this year, screening in cinema's spread out on your door step.

Now with only three days left of EIFF, I've suggested three fantastic 'must-see' films to close this year's festival!

Friday 28th June:
Die Welt
Young Abdallah preaches the virtues of serious political cinema against cheap US blockbusters in the video store where he works but constantly dreams of moving away. After a one night stand with a Dutch woman, he can almost foresee his future in prosperous Europe.

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Saturday 29th June:
Old Stock
Stock Burton retires in his early 20s. Facing a quarter-life crisis Stock misuses two years in the Golden Seasons with his youthful grandfather. When Stock is forced out of his pyjamas to confront his troubled past, he must handle an old tragedy, a new flame, and plenty of laughs. Along the way he must learn to look life in the eye, accept its imperfections, and re-open his heart for a chance to move on.

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Sunday 30th June:
This Is Martin Bonner
Martin Bonner is at a crossroads in life. He has just moved to Reno to work for an organisation helping newly-released prisoners adapt to life outside the prison system.
Meanwhile, Travis Holloway has recently completed a twelve-year prison sentence. Strangely, both men find themselves forming a closer relationship together.

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