Ernest and the Pale Moon, Review

Ernest and the Pale Moon

Rating: ★★★★
5-11th & 13-25th August @ The Pleasance Courtyard at 16:30pm |

Award-winning Theatre Company, Les Enfants Terribles (in conjunction with Pins & Needles Productions), brings their new show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Ernest Hemel constantly stares through his window, watching a young woman Gwendoline, who lives in the apartment across. His obsession builds until she falls in love with another man, leading Ernest into a twisted mind, filled with jealousy and madness. Murder is on the table, along with unfortunate events for anybody who surround the lonely man.

From start to finish, there’s a tense atmosphere due to its gothic antique set, creepy effects and live eerie music. Sudden flash’s of lighting keeps you hovering over the edge of your seat, with its multi-talented cast of actors and musicians. Its twists and turns, use of ingenious lighting, clever narrating and grim set design plays a massive part in making the storytelling a brilliant performance for the audience.

During parts of the play, it was confusing to fully understand the storyline, as the audience was left with some questions. The tension was impressive and overall an outstanding and terrifying tale to see at the festival.