Festival Of The Spoken Nerd, Review


Rating: ★★★★
15th-25th August @ The Assembly, George Square

Prepare to set phasers to geeky, leave the Fringe Festival behind and enter the The Festival Of The Spoken Nerd.

The show is hosted by musical comedian Helen Arney, stand-up mathematician Matt Parker and science expert Steve Mould.

Set up like a TV science show, you are led through experiments, funny songs and…..spreadsheets (but don’t let that put you off) all punctuated with groovy theme music.

The three team members bounce off each other with massive enthusiasm for their subjects. Helen Arney’s songs are hilarious, but also subliminally give you information (you can catch her other show ‘Domestic Science’ at the free festival)

Steve and Matt seem to be in constant competition with each other in a battle of maths and science, there is no doubt these guys know their stuff and they seem to enjoy every minute of it.

I will admit some of the more nerdy/geeky/binary jokes passed some of the audience but I found it brilliant. If this does not lead on to a TV pilot then it is wasted!

If you fall into any part of the nerd spectrum then this is one show you shouldn’t miss! Geeky fun and spreadsheets, what's not to love?

To find out more about The Festival Of The Spoken Nerd you can visit their website http://festivalofthespokennerd.com and to book tickets visit the Edinburgh Fringe website.