FOTSN: Just For Graphs, Review


Assembly George Square Studios | Aug 5-30 | 18:30 | £ 10.50/12
Following on from 2012’s ‘Full Frontal Nerdity’ Festival Of The Spoken Nerd are back and this time they’ve brought graphs! 
As with their previous show musical comedian Helen Arney, stand-up mathematician (real title) Matt Parker and science expert Steve Mould return with explosive live experiments, science themed songs and fun. The whole production is set out like a Top Gear for science with the three presenters bouncing off each other not afraid to mock when a demonstration or prop goes wrong. There is no doubting their enthusiasm for the subject with the energy thrown into the presentation.
‘Just For Graphs’ is a well staged and excellently produced show, you would be forgiven for thinking the production was made for tv with catchy music and visuals in between each well defined section. What they have accomplished is a show which is highly entertaining for both the science literate and those of us who don’t have a clue. No matter what you know when you walk in you will walk out with a new geeky factoid to deploy later!
I left George Square smiling knowing that High School me would never believe that I had sat through a 60 minute show about graphs without being bound, gagged and tied to a chair. 
If you want to get yourself into the nerdy festival within a festival you can see Festival Of The Spoken Nerd: Just For Graphs at Assembly George Square Studios, 8-30th of August at 18:30. Tickets and information at
Image: Idil Sukan/Draw HQ