Frank Sanazi's Das Vegas, Review


I will take this opportunity right at the start here to say that this is not a show for the easily offended and is definitely worthy of it's 18+ rating if you are easily offended then I would suggest not reading on or going to the show...... I have warned you.

When I was chatting to Brendan Denahy owner of The Voodoo Rooms (it's a whole Hard Rock Café story) while waiting to chat to Norman Lovett he suggested I go and see the show that followed Norman's and indeed while chatting to Norman he suggested the same, so with my mind curious about this show I popped in wondering what I would find and what I found was a very funny show indeed.

As the title suggests this is a cross between Frank Sinatra and Nazi Germany it is a show full of dark humour and re-workings of songs from Frank Sinatra, Nancy Sinatra and The Zutons/Amy Winehouse

The main artist is Frank Sanazi who is a cross between Frank and Adolf Hitler and he belts out Frank Sinatra's songs albeit re-worded songs like Strangers on my flight, Mein Way and Third Reich are served as they are meant to be in humour and admittedly myself and the others in the room found ourselves laughing at what was being sung, also "Frank" would tell jokes (none of which I can repeat here) and some small stories but what struck me was how powerful his voice was and indeed how much he sounded like Frank Sinatra (I chatted to someone after the show and it turns out "Frank" actually used to do straight Frank Sinatra shows.

The show itself featured guests such as Nancy Sanazi singing These Jackboots Were Made For Walking and Anne Frank singing Valerie but the title changed to My Diary.

Yes this show may have been in bad taste at points but you know what I laughed and I am not ashamed to say I laughed and indeed the people in the room with me laughed too because it was very funny.

After the show I chatted to "Anne Frank" and we chatted for a while about the show and she said to me that sometimes they have a "dancing Jesus" in the show too to which my reply was " I may pop in for that one".

All in all a very entertaining if UN-PC show and I loved it.

I popped into see this show again on Sunday 11th August as I had been told that the show changes from time to time and the second show i went to was even funnier than the first and had the added inclusion of Dancing Jesus...... YES a Dancing Jesus and boy could he dance a total triumph of a show indeed.

5 big stars to Frank Sanazi's Das Vegas *****

But I will stress this is certainly not for the easily offended.

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Frank Sanazi's Das Vegas Vegas Nights runs at The Voodoo Rooms Ballroom until Sunday 25th August.