GEITF: Vince Gilligan talks Breaking Bad!

In Cahoots

Breaking Bad showrunner Vince Gilligan joined Charlie Brooker on stage to give a master class session on the show everybody is talking about!

The pair sit down to explore and explain the creation of the hit TV show Breaking Bad, which has just gone into the final half of its final series.

Arriving inside the venue at the Edinburgh International Television Festival, blasting through the speakers was the Breaking Bad Theme tune, which Vince and Charlie made their entrance on stage to. As a massive fan of Breaking Bad myself, along with hundreds of others in the audience, we were all eager to hear what Vince had to say.

Vince remained silent about any spoilers and didn't discuss the ending of the TV show - knowing many members of the audience weren't up to date with the latest story.

However, the showrunner discussed his next hopeful project, following the end of Breaking Bad, a Saul Goodman spinoff. Which every breaking-mad fan of the show will be eager to see. He said: "Knock on wood, I have a good feeling about it".

When asked about the success of his show, he credited David Chase, creator of The Sopranos, saying their would be no Breaking Bad without it.

Vince started to work on the idea for the show after a two year gap of unemployment. Talking about Walter White, he said "Walter White and I, unfortunately for me, share a lot of similarities. Pre-meth-cooking".

He talked about the casting of Breaking Bad and surprisingly, always wanted Bryan Cranston to play Walter White since working with him on The X Files - such a great choice too! Vince also revealed that Jesse Pinkman's character (played by Aaron Paul) was originally meant to be killed off at the end of the first season, however he decided that "this guy was just too good to kill him off".

This hour of exciting and interesting Breaking Bad fan-chat definitely has been the highlight for me and beaten any show at the Edinburgh Festivals this year.

Want a taster of the show everybody is talking about? Watch a re-cap of the series below (Contains Spoilers).