Glenn Wool This Road Has Tolls Review

The last time I saw Glenn Wool was at last year's Fringe when he was in Return of the Lumberjacks alongside fellow Canadians Craig Campbell and Stewart Francis and special guests Jimmy Carr and Baconface (Stewart Lee), it was a great night of comedy even though one drunken lady tried to spoil it with heckling to he point of the audience telling her to leave.

This Fringe though Glenn is out on his own and does a brilliant show entitled "This Road Has Tolls" and from start to finish this show is extremely funny. Glenn is thankfully in my humble opinion a comedian who says what he wants and doesn't care if you don't like it as he says in his show "you don't like it you have legs leave" this is a man not afraid to speak his mind and talk about subjects that other comedians steer clear of and they could learn a thing or two from Glenn because in a world where people are afraid to say anything for fear of offending/upsetting people Glenn is the person who says it not in an offensive way but in a way that 1. has comedic value and 2. makes you realise just how ridiculous the world has become with political correctness etc.

Glenn talks about things like Operation Yewtree and makes some valid points, he talks about his journey from New Zealand to America and then onward to London by plane with a slipped disc in his back and the way he speaks about it you cant help but imagine it and wince, he also talks about his Grandad with passion and you can clearly tell with emotion, ad also his trip to Vietnam, and there are other subjects in there too and all had the crowd wrapped up in laughter.

I really like Glenn Wool he is a man who doesn't care about if you like him or not, he's a man who I think you would find hard not to like, he is a man on when chatting to him after the show you'd take or a pint and chat about everything, he is a man who is very funny indeed and long may it continue.

I give Glenn Wool This Road Has Tolls a brilliant 5 ***** Stars for a fantastic show and I hope he comes back soon.