Gobsmacked! Review


Underbelly, George Square (Venue 300)| Aug 6-­31| 16:30| £12.00-£13.00 

Bringing a-cappella music into the modern age. Showcasing just how far you can take the human voice.

With nothing pre-recorded and featuring live looping, there is no room for error in this performance. With the group skilfully reworking many top 40 chart songs into harmonious a-cappella renditions.

The amazing beatboxing of Ball-Zee takes the show to another level. With his solo piece making you imagining a whole studio of equipment and machinery.  

The floor to ceiling wall of speakers and perfectly timed lighting effects add to the atmosphere. Giving it an urban vibe.

With fabulous musical mashups. The cast skilfully switch between countless catchy tunes. Providing the feel-good factor that will have you boogieing away by the end.

Gobsmaked! performing at Underbelly, George Square (Venue 300) between the 6th-31th August not 17th At 16:30 Find out more and get tickets here.