I Am I Am, Review


Gilded Balloon (Venue 14)  | 23:30 | £10 |

I had my attention drawn to this show for two reasons, firstly Harry Mitchell (one half of this musical duo) was in Minor Delays which I enjoyed very much, secondly they gave me my own hashtag on twitter (I'm easily bribed, other fringe shows take note)

I have seen a lot of musical comedy acts at is years festival, not by design but by accident. I can say with certainty that 'I Am I Am' are one of the most fun I have seen. You buy into this act from the very first song with the audiences mind being 'read' as part of a rap.

Lowell and Harry seem to feed off the growing enthusiasm from the audience as they go on winning over each one of us with their honesty and wit. 

It's a shame that 'I am I am' is on so late at night as I think they will be missed by the audience they deserve. Hopefully next year they will be back in a bigger venue and a better timeslot. If you are out late at the Fringe this year pop into the Gilded Balloon and be won over by I Am I Am.

I Am I Am are performing at the Gilded Balloon from the 19th to the 25th of August at 11:30pm to find out more and get tickets click HERE.