It’s Me Dayne, Review

Rating: ★★★
14th-26th August @ Gilded Balloon Teviot

As soon as this show started I knew it was not quite my thing.

The lights come up and you are introduced to Dayne Rathbone who awkwardly stumbles his way through his opening 15 minutes, with the audience trying to work out if it is part of the act (it is). From there you are taken through Daynes life story and how he decided to try stand-up, he even reads some of his poetry.

I admit the character has its funny moments and some of the audience interaction was fun, including a series of games and quizzes. His awkward style of speaking to the crowd was great and the character does have some potential. However, the show seems to go nowhere until the last 15 minutes which are taken up with a performance of his new play, acted with help of some willing/unwilling audience members.

The show seemed to split the audience between those who were willing to go along with it and those who didn’t quite know what they were witnessing. I accept that Dayne had appeal to some of the crowd, perhaps in the future he will win over 75% of the room.