James Freedman Man of Steal, Review


This show was incredible, James is a master pickpocket and he takes you through an hour of tips, tricks and how not to be the victim.

Unfortunately for me I unknowingly became one of his victims I won't tell you,how but suffice to say my jaw hit the floor when he revealed everything to me and more embarrassingly the audience which was quite a large number needless to say I was very shocked at what he done but I will not spoil it for you.

This show will have you laughing, gasping and wondering about the safety of the stuff you carry around in your pockets simple things like keeping your car key on the same keyring as your house keys can suddenly turn into your car being taken and your house robbed.

This is a show you,have to see to believe.

I caught up with James after the show for a quick chat

His show is on every day at 1.15pm and is well worth a visit, it is,part of the free fringe and entry is free.

A massive 5 stars to this show.

James is on Twitter @jamesfreedman