Kiss Me Honey Honey, Review

A show I was really looking forward to seeing and reviewing was Kiss Me Honey Honey and the reasons are as follows:

Any show with Andy Gray (City Lights)in it has got to be good, a show with Grant Stott (Radio person from another station ;-) ) has got to be worth seeing, anything that is tied together by Shirley Bassey is worth seeing this all in my humblest of opinions.

I have deliberately kept away from reviews of this show as I did not want any "spoilers" and as usual I will not spoil this too much for you.

Andy and Grant play two men who form a friendship through a shared love of Shirley Bassey. And they begin a search for the women of their dreams.

The characters called Ross and Graham are brilliant creations as are all the other characters in this show and I was taken on a roller coaster of emotions throughout the one hour and fifteen minutes of this fantastic performance.

Andy and Grant play the characters with such conviction you forget that this is two of the biggest Panto folk in Edinburgh, you laugh, you ponder, you think, you nearly cry at everything that happens and you cant help but get involved in the whole story.

If you can get a ticket for this please do so however I think they may be gold-dust.

Run ends 26th August.

I give this fantastic show a huge 5 ***** Stars I would give more if I could.