Light’s Camera Improvise 2014, Review


The Pleasance Courtyard | 20:30 | £11.50 |

The Mischief Theatre team are back (all be it in a new, larger venue) with more of the films you never knew existed. Welcome to the world of Light’s Camera Improvise!

When the show starts you are introduced to Oscar, a film collector who not only has every film ever made, but every film you could possibly imagine. To choice a film from his infinite collection Oscar asks the audience what genre they would like to watch and a few plot points and then we’re off!

All of the cast are very capable improvisers with any slip ups covered up by Oscar ‘pausing’ the film with humorous effect, sometimes suggesting deleted scenes, alternate versions or fast forwarding past certain sections if they improvise into a corner (I’m not sure that is actually a thing)

The show is different every night but I can guarantee you will laugh throughout the film enjoying all the twists, turns and strangeness you will witness over the 60 minutes.

'Light's, Camera, Improvise! is on at The Pleasance Courtyard, 20:30, 30th Jul 2014 - 25th Aug. To find out more and book tickets click HERE.