A Little Man's Holiday, Review


Greenside, Royal Terrace (Venue 231)| Aug 7-­29| 22:10| £8.00-£12.00

A delightful treasure seeking adventure. Captivating children with a fun and engaging performance.

Join Little man and his mum as they go on a swashbuckling, pirate themed adventure on the high seas.  Help fire the cannons, defeat the ghost and get chased by sharks. With lots of fun and interaction, cleverly utilizing both props and puppetry. This is a must see for children.  

Incredibly descriptive and with colourful interchangeable scenery you are drawn right into Little Mans world. From his boring city office with his demanding boss Mr Grumbles, to swimming under the sea with jellyfish on the hunt for treasure.

With an easy to follow storyline, full of infectious enthusiasm, the cast deliver a creative performance that will leave children smiling from ear to ear.

A Little Man’s Holiday, Greenside, Infirmary Street (Venue 236) alternating days between the 7th-29th August At 11:30 Find out more and get tickets here.