Minor Delays, Review


Gilded Balloon | £10  

The phrase every Fringe visitor worries about ‘BRAND NEW SKETCH TROOP’ it instantly (in my case at least) makes you think ‘untested combination’

Thankfully, Minor Delays has made me change my mind. Not only are these three actors very good together but have a pedigree in their own right (all ex-Footlights and Tealights presidents).

Newly formed and fresh for the Edinburgh Fringe Minor Delays (despite the name) is a jam packed, fast paced selection of fantastic, unique sketches that leave you poorless with laughter.

Very simply staged with just three chairs and accompanied by a violin and cello, they cover everything from awkward toilet cubical conversations to a rather different Paul Weller impersonation.

There are occasional sketches that fall a bit flat but those are far outweighed by the others.

If you are looking for an afternoon treat at this years’ festival look no further! Catch this trio now before they land a tv or radio deal!

Minor Delays are performing at the Gilded Balloon between 6-25th August at 3pm (not 11th) Find out more and get tickets HERE