Minor Delays, Review


Gilded Balloon (Venue 14)  | Aug 8-30| 16:15 | £8-10 
Following on from their debut last year Minor Delays are back at the Fringe with new sketches, even funnier, quicker and sharper than before.
Minor Delays were one of my favourite acts from last years festival so when I heard they were going to be back for 2015 I got a ticket as quickly as possible. The show is stripped back with no reliance on silly gimmicks, gizmos or gadgets the only SFX for the whole performance is a ‘ding’ punctuating the fast paced short sketches (some only a few seconds long) This leaves the show focused on the performers, all three Abi Tedder, Harry Michell and Joe Barnes are talented in their own right, with each given solo scenes to showcase their comedic prowess facing the audience the whole show.  
The sketches themselves run from the hilariously funny to hilariously dark with a few running gags scattered throughout the performance. All are cleverly written with some great switchback gags that leave you poorless with laughter.
Minor Delays are majorly funny (apologies) and are well worth your time!
Minor Delays are performing at the Gilded Balloon between 8th -30th August August at 4:15pm (not 17th) Find out more and get tickets here