Never Mind The Buzztones, Review

The Buzztones are an acapella group from London on their first foray into the Edinburgh Fringe but it certainly does not show.

20 minutes before their show at Space Caberet @ 54 (right next door to the Carlton Hotel on North Bridge) they were outside singing and telling people where they could see the full show and to me that shows commitment.

The show itself is really fantastic and also fascinating because unlike normal "gigs" with acapella there is nowhere to hide if it all goes wrong whereas at least with instruments computers and such you can.

These guys are superb at what they do and 45 minutes certainly is not enough time to appreciate fully what The Buzztones are all about. Whatever they do as day jobs I really hope they can maybe take a break from working and tour properly.

There was all sorts of songs sung and as usual I do not want to spoil things too much but I will say the Daft Punk, Texas and Michael Jackson/Paul McCartney mash up was brilliantly executed as was Kiss From a Rose.

The Buzztones are performing until Saturday so get there if you can before they leave.

I give Never Mind The Buzztones a huge 5 ***** Stars for their show.