Nick Helm - One Man Mega Myth, Review

In Cahoots

Rating: ★★★★
20-26th August @ The Pleasance Courtyard at 16:00pm |

Nick Helm brings an over the top, fast paced, crazy hour of entertainment to the Pleasance stage.

After seeing a short teaser of his show before, I made it my mission to see Nick’s show. A terrific show which will have you chuckling at his moves and gags!

He dramatically takes to the stage, filled with smoke, flashing lights and an annoyingly catchy jingle/punch line “One Man Mega Myth” - which plays throughout the show. I have to warn you, I spent the rest of the day singing along to the jingle. But at least I remembered his show name which proves the catchy tune fits its purpose!

It begins with a short explosive video of the awards he has lost, which had the audience laughing in stitches. Throughout the performance, he sings to some of his amusing and silly songs, whilst forcing the audience to join in. If you’ve seen Nick Helm before or heard anything about his style of entertaining, you’ll know exactly what to expect.

His use of shouting at the audience and bullying them into tasks, if they're not participating, is what makes Nick’s show stand out from the others. Nobody is safe sitting within the crowd. ‘One Man Mega Myth’ is stupidly brilliant and one of a kind!

You’re surprisingly safer sitting in the front row to avoid Nick bringing you onto his circus-styled stage and humiliating you in front of his audience.