Noel Coward and Friends Live in Las Vegas, Review


Greenside Venue Nicholson Square | Aug 7-­15|16:05| £7 -10 

Poignant, charming and heart-breakingly brilliant. Emphasising the importance of friendship throughout life’s ups and downs.

This show transports you into the life of Noel Coward during his 1959 post war success in Las Vegas. Paying tribute and reflecting back on the longstanding personal and professional relationship between Noel Coward, Gertrude Lawence and Ivor Novello. Success however does not guarantee happiness, as Coward finds himself desperately alone reminiscing over happier times.

David Robinson’s portrayal of Noel Coward is brilliant. Carrying out the role with wit and class whilst conveying an underlying current of melancholy sadness.

Interlaced with the songs of Coward and Novello, the show draws you in. Enriched by the casts notable musical and vocal talent. Taking you on a nostalgic walk down memory lane with plenty of heartfelt moments. Making you both laugh and cry.

Noel Coward and Friends Live in Las Vegas are performing at Greenside Venue Nicholson Square between the 7th-15th August At 16:05 Find out more and get tickets here.