Owen Roberts: I Let a Six-Year-Old Write My Show, Review

Pleasance, Courtyard | £9\8 | 16:45
Owen Roberts is a brave (or desperate) man letting a six year old write his show. You read correctly, Owens show has been written by his partners 6 year old daughter Isabella.
As you’re walking in it’s a hand chosen Disney mix that greats your ears in the Pleasance venue, that’s the first indication that you’re in a child’s version of a standup show. Owens ‘grand entrance’ is the second, definitely one of my favourite comedians entry to a show (no spoilers but it involves feathers) 
Throughout the performance Owen takes the audience through the ‘brainstorming’ process that went on in the run up to the Fringe assisted by recordings that make everyone in the audience collectively awww and then break down into hysterics. Owen plays the realist to Isabella’s grand vision attempting to point out the flaws in her obviously perfect script while also trying to keep the budget in check. 
The show builds up as more cast members are added from the audience and the plot within a plot gets more confusing and surreal. There’s no doubt the star of the show is Isabella who we’ll either be reading about in the future as a playwright, or potentially a pop star. I’ll leave you to decide.