Patrick Monahan Adventures in Monahanland Review

Oh where do I start with this??

Well when a comedian does an announcement with the following: " Tonight's show is dedicated to a lovely guy in the audience called Barry from Black Diamond FM" then you know this will be good...?.

Patrick is one of the funniest people I have ever met and an absolute gem of a guy and a brilliant comedian who just has me laughing every second of this show.

Patrick comes down a set of steps in The Gilded Balloon to music and proceeds to dance and hug his way through the audience and it's a packed house that's for sure because when Patrick is in the fun begins and believe me it was fun from first minute to last.
Let's not forget here that Patrick had just spent 2 hours with me on my Drivetime show and he had an hour to get sorted for his own show, where the man finds the energy is beyond me.

What followed was an hour of,laughs with subjects covering Prince, Yoghurts, House Parties and various other subjects and what a right good laugh it was and the crowd certainly seemed to love it, one of the big parts of Patrick's shows is audience interaction and there is plenty of that because one thing Patrick does appreciate is the people who come to see him perform and that is a wonderful thing.

This is a great show and I would say everyone needs to go and see him live even if it is just for a hug.

Patrick Monahan in Adventures in Monahanland gets a massive 6 stars out of 5 from me ;-) ****** yes he is worthy of an extra star.