Patrick Monahan "Cake Charmer" Review

This review starts off with a 44 year old man (me) waking up this morning with his knees totally shot and this is thanks to the brilliant comedian Patrick Monahan (don't worry im not on the phone to "lawyers to chase ambulances for you") and here is why.

When I entered the room at The Gilded Balloon I thought I was safe tucked away in a corner but oh no Patrick had other ideas for that as I soon found out. During the day I had tweeted (Twitter term) that I was going to see the show and Patrick replied and we had a few tweets between us during the day and one of the things he had said was "see you tonight Barry bring the hugs!" it had me wondering what was going to happen.

The show started with pounding Bollywood music and Patrick came down a staircase and then proceeded to start hugging the audience and making his way to the stage he hugged a lot of folk this seemed to me to be a guy who genuinely appreciated people coming to see him but then something happened....something that will stick in my memory for the rest of my life..... he came over to me got me to stand up and hugged me and this was a huge hug and then he pulled me onto the stage hugged me more, he knew who I was and from then on I was doomed we hugged and we danced (albeit awfully embarrassing dad dancing by me) and finished off at opposite sides of the stage with Patrick shouting to me "Chest Bump" and we ran toward each other and jumped and bumped chests I was just glad we didn't miss then he gave me a massive hug and let me sit back down, and there is the reason I have very very sore knees as I write this review.

Patrick is a very funny comedian and get's the audience involved from the very start all the way to the very end this is a guy who loves interaction with his audience and loves the audience interacting with him, the show which I will not spoil for you (and you can hear Patrick say the same in the chat with him below) suffice to say a lot of it is about CAKE yes CAKE and I left there hoping a bakery was open because weirdly I fancied a CAKE, an hour passed all too quickly for my liking as Patrick is funny, charming and very talented and is an instantly likeable guy who seems to love doing what he does.

When the show ended he was first to leave the room waiting outside for the audience and hugging everyone who wanted a hug this to me was a great touch by Patrick because most performers leave the stage and that's it but Patrick thanked each and every person for coming along and gave out hugs and posed for pictures and when I got to him again another massive hug came my way and we chatted for a while and I had to get a picture of course.

If there is a more huggable person out there i'd like to meet them because they would have to go a very long way to get a bigger and better hug to beat Patrick Monahan's a really genuine guy. (I have asked if he is available to pop onto my show this Monday fingers crossed but it may be too tight a schedule for him)

I give Patrick Monahan a massive 10 ********** Stars out of 5 just for him and his hugs.

I give his show "Cake Charmer" a hugely deserved 5 ***** Stars and suggest you go and see this before the run ends.

On at The Gilded Balloon until 25th August

Find out more about Patrick on

Here is a quick chat I had with Patrick after the show to get the best sound play on a low volume it's very noisy.