Pete Firman - Hoodwinker, Review

This was the first time I had seen Pete Firman perform at Edinburgh's Festival Fringe. After the first quarter of his show, I was mind-blown by the tricks and stunts he pulled. Involving members of the audience and comparing himself to Rocky was brilliant! Arriving on stage with a cheap wand, he shouts to the audience “do you want to see magic? *BOOM* magic!”. Pete's talent isn't only magic, he will tell you a simple gag and turns it into something you can't stop laughing at. I had to see this act for a second time!

The performance Pete gives makes you wonder if magic really does exist. Throughout the show, I couldn't stop debating whether it was all planned or if magic is REAL! But who knows, remember a real magician never reveals how he does it.

I can't wait to see Pete Firman again next year.
I give this act 5 stars!

Pete Firman will be performing at Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh, from 12th August - 26th August

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