The PIN 2014, Review


The Pleasance Courtyard | 18:00 | £11.00 |

Alex Owen and Ben Ashenden otherwise known as ‘The Pin’ are back in Edinburgh bringing us a brand new show for 2014.

This year see’s the guys’ workshop their sketches for this years Fringe with the audience (even getting them to participate at some points) Alex’s frantic script typing appears projected behind the duo as they act out various versions of sketches updating the script live as they go.

There are some very neatly timed sketches (that must have been hell to plan) and various call-backs that tie the 60minutes up nicely.

Alex and Ben have a great dynamic on stage, which draws the audience in from the start. If you are looking for 60 minutes of fun to fill your evening The Pin will not disapoint. 

‘The Pin’ are on at The Pleasance Courtyard at 18:00, 30th Jul 2014 - 25th Aug 2014. To get tickets and find out more click HERE.