Princess Pumpalot, Review

As the title suggests this Princess does indeed pump a lot and what a brilliant show it is.

The Princess Pumpalot website states
"Princess Pumpalot (The Farting Princess) is a children's stage show based on the book of the same name by Robin Mitchell. The book was first published in July 2012."

This show is supposed to be a children's show but this adult reckons it is wasted on children it is a brilliantly written and acted show and certainly brought a smile to my face.

In essence (albeit a smelly one) the story is about the Princess who is about to turn 16 and is given a cabinet key and in that cabinet are beans, not just ordinary beans but magic beans 32,141 to be precise and these beans are beans that make you fart.

The characters are really well played by a great cast from the Princess herself to the King and the brilliantly named Queen Latifah (something that some of us adults giggled at) also one of the characters Guffy to me had a resemblance to the late great Gerard Kelly and had me wondering if this was a nod to him or just a total coincidence.

There is a witch, a good guy (Prince Niceavia), a bad guy (Prince Nastavia) a talking Giraffe called Geoffrey and a low flying Gnome but most of all a wonderful Princess who pumps/farts/trumps/breaks wind...... I think you get the idea.

All in all a fantastic show to be enjoyed by kids and big kids like me who like fart jokes and noises but there is enough to keep adults happy too.

A huge well deserved 5 ***** stars from this big kid for Princess Pumpalot

Showing at The Assembly Rooms George Street until 25th August.

N.B The picture of the Princess was kindly sent to me via Twitter as I could not hang about to get one and the Princess kindly sent me it......

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