Reginald D Hunter In The Midst Of Crackers

Reginlad D Hunter is a comedian I have seen many times on the t.v from Live at The Appolo, Have I got News for You and Michael McIntyres Comedy Roadshow and every time I watch him I am in fits of laughter and it takes a very funny person to make me reach for my asthma inhaler (don't worry i'll not sue anyone) but Reginald is one of those comedians.

Lets begin with the negative stuff the show due to start at 8pm started late due to latecomers and while 99% of people were in their seats by 8pm others were arriving late so it meant those of us who could turn up on time had to wait and then lost around 5 minutes of the show, why theatres and the like can't just close the doors five minutes before the performer comes on is beyond me and if you are not there in time then sorry but the doors are closed (will never happen though).

The start of the show has a very long spoken introduction the majority of it I could not hear because of the noise the latecomers were making and others in the audience chattering away even though the show had started, and from what I could decipher the narration was along the same style as Richard Burton's narration in Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of War Of The Worlds.

Reginald D Hunter walked on stage and delivered a great show speaking about everything from Racism to his "run-in" with regards to his night at the PFA dinner to his horrible incident with an MP who basically set him up and through to talking about his family and homelife during childhood. I will not go into great detail because I prefer not to spoil things for people. The often dreaded N-word is thrown about liberally by Reginald and while this may offend people he does it in a way that I found non-offensive however he did speak about how he was given the labal "the black Bernard Manning" that story itself is incredible and worth listening to.

During the show he stopped and spoke to a gentleman in the audience who seemed to be using his mobile phone to speak to his wife???.... Reginald took the phone and spoke to the lady and then reminded her that the husband was actually at a show, also Reginald stopped to speak to a gentleman who was actually recording the show on his phone and Reginald asked him to stop recording, now when a man like Reginald tells you to stop recording you do it simply because with a voice as deep and dominating as his i'm sure he would make even someone like Sir Alan Sugar tremble.

Apart from the late start and interruptions Reginald D Hunter is a superb comedian and you come away from his show not only laughing but he says things that are thought-provoking and have you wondering but we did not get to see the full hour which he apologised for and it was a pity because he was not to blame.

Hopefully he comes back to Edinburgh after the festival with his full show but for the time being I give Reginald D Hunter **** and a 1/2 stars for his show In The Midst of Crackers

Reginald D Hunter runs at The Pleasance Courtyard until 24th August