Reven and Fennell: Fan Club, Review


C Nova (Studio 3) | Aug 5-­31| 19:40 | £8­.50 -£10.50  

Reven and Fennell provide some laugh out loud, lightbulb moments of comic genius in their debut at this year’s Fringe.

Cleverly highlighting the arts budget cuts, through a bare bones rendition of the Lion king opening sequence.  The comedic sketches go from strength to strength. With particular favourites including the football loving beer swilling physicists and the unfortunately upstaged country star. 

Revan and Fennell have great chemistry and work well together as a comedic duo. Playing to each other’s strengths to ensure a fun dynamic performance. Whilst not especially edgy the duo more than make up for this by delivering some sharp one liners and genuinely funny sketches.

With the grand finally providing some razzmatazz, making you smile all the way home.

Revan and Fennell are performing at C Nova between 5th -31st August (not 18th) at 19:40.

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