Review of 10 Films With My Dad

Sunday 18th August I decided to spend the day at The Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh and take in a few of the free shows available there, there is somewhere in the region of 30 shows possibly more in the rooms The Speakeasy and The French Quarter.

One of these shows is called 10 Films With my Dad and is by Aidan Goatley and it was incredibly funny to the point I had tears running down my face and is only the second time in memory where that has happened to me at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Basically and without spoiling it because you really really need to go and see this show Aidan talks about films he watched with his dad, not very funny you may think but you would be very wrong the hour that followed was full of very laugh out loud moments and also memories of some great films and I was nodding along to a lot of the things Aidan was saying about the films and what his dad was saying because it simply mirrored my own experience of watching films with my late dad.

For a free show this is one of the best shows I have ever seen at the Festival and I highly recommend anyone to go and see it.

I give this show a big 5 ***** stars totally brilliant.

Aidan Goatley 10 Films With My Dad is on until 25th August at 2.25pm at the Voodoo Rooms West Register Street Edinburgh.

Below is an interview with Aidan just after his show.

Interview with Aidan Goatley by Basher1969 on Mixcloud