Review of the 3rd Annual Tea and Biscuits Show

The 3rd Annual Tea and Biscuits Show does as it says you are offered a cup of tea and a biscuit when you enter the room and then 3 comedians entertain you and they certainly do entertain.

First up was Paul Savage the shows host and he is a very funny man indeed a good storyteller and joke teller too which is in my opinion a difficult thing to do it's normally one or the other but Paul manages both with ease.

Second on the bill was Matt Hollis from Leicester again a very funny comedian who had the audience laughing with his stories even when he was telling jokes about his mental health you could not help but laugh although I did feel a wee bit awful for doing so.

Last up was Aaron Twitchen a fabulously funny guy who again had me laughing a lot with his stories and jokes, his love of the Royals is second to none I believe.

All in all a fantastic show to start the day off and not only a free show but a free cup of tea and a biscuit as well.

The 3rd Annual Tea and Biscuit Show runs until August 25th at The Voodoo Rooms West Register Street Edinburgh 12.05pm

I give this show a very rewarding 5 ***** stars a brilliant welcoming show that leaves you all warm inside.

Below is an interview with Paul, Aaron and Matt

Interview with the 3rd annual tea and biscuits show team by Basher1969 on Mixcloud