Review of Soup

This is a very funny sketch type show which i went to see on Sunday at 1.15pm at The Voodoo Room in West Register Street, it's just simply called Soup but the show is nowhere near simple.

The two main people of the show are very talented indeed changing characters rapidly playing out lots of different scenario's throughout the hour they were performing, they do a twist on Come Dine With Me's scoring system throughout the show with the last one in particular very well done.

Many of the characters are well portrayed and Parkinson and Pacman were two favourites but i don't want to give too much away .

A good show and another gem found in the Free Fringe and well worth seeing for sure.

What i will say is take a deep breath at the start because most of the show is quite rapid but very effective, the guys in the show must go home shattered after every performance.

A very solid 4 **** stars for this show and well worth the visit