Romesh Ranganathan - Rom Wasn't Built in a Day, Review

Romesh Ranganathan

Rating: ★★★★
14-15th, 17-22nd & 24th August @ The Pleasance Courtyard at 20:15pm |

Funnyman Romesh Ranganathan brings his show ‘Rom Wasn’t Built in a Day’ to the Edinburgh Fringe.

The father of two comes across as a grumpy comedian, filled with silly rants to shout about. His style of being angry at irritating situations, then throwing out puns in between proves he knows exactly how to win over his audience.

He’s unhappy with people taking no-makeup selfies, sharing posts on Facebook for Gaza and underpaid teachers. He’s got some amusing bad habits, one of which is listening to explicit rap music with his kids in the car.

His clever puns and extremely funny on the spot heckles is what makes him stand out from the others at the festival. He’s an absolute joy to watch and will force you into laughing fits.

During the night, Romesh entertained his newest fan, a four month old baby. It was only a quarter way into the performance before he noticed and pointed out the unusual situation. The natural turned the situation from being concerning, to one of the highlights by his use of impossibly funny comments.

Romesh spits out a handful of superb gags, leaving us chuckling our way through every joke during the immense hour.