The Sleeping Trees Treelogy, Review

The Sleeping Trees Treelogy

Rating: ★★★
9-12th & 14-25th August @ The Pleasance Courtyard at 15:30pm |

The talented trio make their way to the festival, where they host a cheesy but cleverly put together performance.

They're geared up with three different tactical productions and a countless amount of strange but intense characters. If theater is your thing at the Fringe, then The Sleeping Trees Treelogy - a parody of Treasure Island - is without a doubt an immense show to see. But be super-quick, tickets are selling like hot donuts and it may surprise us as one of this year’s sell out shows.

An hour of slick, clever stories forcing you into giggling out loud. Some jokes are too cheesy and a little strange, but the show is jam packed with laughs. The energy and confidence from the guys is spot on and keeps the pace running swiftly, without any pauses and more importantly keeps the audience engaged.

Few scenes however go over the top and loses the audiences eagerness to keep up with what’s going on. Although this is made up for by the actors fast-paced actions, impressive sound effects and hilarious, but rubbish pirate-accents.