Soho Comedy Club, Review


St Mary’s Gallery (Freestival) | £0

There are so many free shows on in Edinburgh at this time of year. So what do you go and see? That crazy guy with the beard you bumped into on the Royal Mile? That duo that were dancing in the Meadows? Or do you see a hand picked selection of the finest?........The answer for me was obvious.

Presenting us with a selection of the acts he would normally introduce at the Soho Comedy Club in London MC David Mulholland expertly whips the crowd up for the following 3-5 acts you can expect to see.

On the night I was there acts included the very funny Jason Patterson & Inder Manocha, both of whom I need to catch in full.

Last year I paid £10 to get into a ‘specially selected’ line up show at a venue that shall remain nameless, and it was one of the worst things I witnessed . After seeing how it SHOULD be done I regret last years choice even more!

If you are looking for a great end to your night, or are stuck for ideas for what to see later in the festival pop in to Edinburgh’s miniature Soho Comedy Club at St Mary’s Gallery (venue 394) from 1-25th of August at 10pm.