A SongWriters Circle Review

I popped along to The Jazz Bar on Chambers Street to see A Songwriters Circle which was 3 Scottish musicians taking turns each to play songs.

Douglas Kay from Edinburgh, Alan R Davison from Edinburgh (Well Belfast but now residing in Edinburgh) and Carol Laula from Paisley were the musicians in question and we had an hour and a half of great songs and chat from them.

Douglas of course is no stranger to me as he was a guest on my What's New in Music show a few months ago where we chatted about his music and played a few tracks from others that Douglas had chosen and played us some live tracks too, Douglas is a fine musician a great voice and can play an assortment of instruments including guitar, piano and harmonica and we were treated to some fine songs and given tales of the inspiration behind them. All that we've lost is my favourite Douglas Kay track was played tonight and I love hearing it live.

Alan R Davison is also no stranger to me or my show I have played some of Alan's tracks like Left Turn, All you Winners and You Were Right on my New Music Show but the first time I saw Alan live was in the Hard Rock Café on August 8th (you can find the review on this website) and I was impressed and tonight was no different a good selection of songs by Alan and thoroughly enjoyable.

Carol Laula was unknown to me I have to say but I am glad I know who she is now because my goodness what a voice and Carol can hold a note that much is clear, but what struck me was that one minute Carol's voice would be soft and almost angelic then the next this powerful sound would come from Carol and it was truly impressive I really enjoyed her song "Little Anthony" and also her stance on "reality shows" (we share the same view ;-) ) lead to a wonderful song called What's wrong with dreamin' and also the powerful song Think you'd better go was a great tune.

What a great concept A Songwriters Circle is and it was a great way to wind down from the madness that can be the Edinburgh Fringe because I had such a busy day it was nice to chill out and hear and watch some really fantastic musicians at work.

A very well deserved 5 ***** Stars from me for A Songwriters Circle

Find out more about:

Douglas Kay at http://www.douglaskay.com/

Alan R Davison at http://www.alanrdavison.com/Home.html

Carol Laula at http://www.carollaula.co.uk/