Stephen Bailey: Can't Think Straight, Review


The Three (Free) Sisters| £FREE | 17:15
I'm breaking my own self imposed rule by reviewing the same act three years in a row but catching up with Stephen Bailey has become a start of Fringe tradition for me. 
Despite the venues and audiences getting bigger Stephen still greets his crowd at the door welcoming everyone into his world for a hour.
He acts as his own warm up guy with the right amount of self deprecating humour and charm to get the audience on his side before running to the back of the room to make his grand entrance. What follows is a hour of tales, some his and some embellished from others that has the audience poorless throughout.
Being a Free Fringe show the audience is varied with many not knowing what they are letting themselves in for but Stephen wins them over one by one testing their boundaries each time, prepare for some filth and sometimes brutal honesty but you'll let Stephen away with it because it's always delivered with a sly look and never malicious intent.