Stephen Bailey: Should've Been a Popstar, Review


Pleasance Courtyard | Aug 5-30 | 16:15 | £ 10.00 / 8.50
When I was greeted at the door of Bunker Two at the Pleasance by Stephen Bailey I knew it was going to be a fun show. Colourfully dressed with a bow tie and a massive smile he welcomed everyone into his venue and we were right into the show.
The show is titled ‘Should've Been a Popstar’ but anyone expecting tales of X Factor auditions gone wrong will be in for disappointment, there’s very few pop music references at all. Stephen instead tells the audience about his life. Subjects vary from social media problems to school friends to growing up gay. Where Stephen excels the most is when he bounces off the crowd. Through his own openness he manages to prise information from audience members and gets them to chat to him as they would with a gossipy friend, as soon as they let something slip a cheeky smile appears on his face and a witty line or some quickfire innuendo is deployed.
The venue may be a little bleak (It’s not called the bunker for nothing) however, the smaller space works in his favour, giving the show a more intimate feel and allowing the close audience interaction. I left Stephen's show charmed and feeling like I had made a new friend. Stephen would be wasted as a popstar.
See Stephen Bailey at the Pleasance: Bunker Two during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from 5th – 30th August. For tickets visit
If you want to hear my interview with Stephen you can have a listen HERE.