The Voodoo Rooms..... What a place.

One thing I have noticed is the lack of reviews on venues for the Fringe Festival (maybe i'm not looking in the right places) but I am changing that right now because I think The Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh's West Register Street deserves their own mention.

During the Fringe there were somewhere in the region of 32 shows a day at The Voodoo Rooms split over The Ballroom, The French Quarter and The Speakeasy with most shows only having a 15 minute changeover between shows it was pretty awesome to watch the staff in action. I reviewed a number of shows there this year

On Sunday 18th August I spent the day there and took in as many shows as my brain could take, I started off with the excellent 3rd Annual Tea and Biscuit Show then Soup, then the incredible 10 Films with my Dad with the brilliant Aidan Goatley and went to a few more that day, indeed I re-visited 10 films a few days later.

The Ballroom was the place where I watched and then got to speak to and interview a comedy hero of mine Norman Lovett I saw his show twice and both times loved it, and also the fantastic Frank Sanazi's Das Vegas Nights II which I saw three times that's what a show THAT good does to you.

I was back in The Voodoo Rooms several times over the weeks of the Fringe .

Brendan and the team at The Voodoo Rooms are superb and deserve very high praise indeed its a great place to visit any time during the year but especially during the Fringe Festival a wonderful place to see great shows but also chill before, during and after shows, there is also a great menu for food too.

While there on Saturday 25th Brendan informed me that John Kearnes Sight Gags for Perverts had won best newcomer prize at the Eddinburgh Comedy Awards which was performed on the free fringe not too shabby an award.

I can't wait until next year now and hopefully i'll be spending more time at The Voodoo Rooms for Fringe 2014.

A huge thanks go to Brendan and the team for looking after me the many times I was in over the Fringe reviewing shows.

A massively well deserved 5 ***** for The Voodoo Rooms remember tip your waiter/ess ;-)