Lasswade Primary School Christmas Special on Thursday 18th December

This year we see the return of a favourite programme at Christmas time. Lasswade Primary school will all be tuned into Black Diamond FM as well as Midlothian, when you will hear all the pupils Christmas messages read out on air between 6pm and 8pm this Thursday night.

Christmas songs sung by the children of the school will be a feature on the programme. Head teacher Jill Doyle will join us on the phone between 6,00 pm and 6.30 pm with her Christmas message for the pupils, families and everyone in Midlothian. During the programme we will have a special guest. As well as the Christmas music, 3 children in the studio will read out all the messages received from the school. Vouchers will be available to give away from local companies in Midlothian.

Your team, Russell, Caroline, Josh, Ryan and children from the School

Don't miss the programme, 107.8 FM and at

Merry Christmas everyone.