Delta Machine by Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode's new album Delta Machine has just been released and it is in my humble opinion a good piece of work.

First album release since 2009's Sounds of the Universe this album goes back to a lot of the synthisisers and electronic sound that we are used to from Depeche Mode and here is a brief rundown of my thoughts on this album.

Ok not that my opinon counts for much but heres my take on Depeche Mode’s new album Delta Machine…..

The album Opens up with Welcome to my world: Decent Track a bit weird for an opening track though.

Angel is a good track although Mr Gahan sounds a bit away with it, (small nods to the guitar in Personal Jesus if you listen close enough) …

Heaven just gets better and better in my humble opinion and was a great choice for the lead single.

Secret to the End another good track

My Little Universe i feel is quite a weak song on this album

Slow brings out the best in Dave’s voice and i think it's a great wee track.

Broken sounds like Vince Clark has had a hand in it.

The Child Inside brings nothing new from Martin L Gore's vocals pretty much the same as previous track Jezebel

Soft touch/Raw nerve loving this track

Should be Higher Dave suddenly sounds a bit like Simon le Bon (shoot me now)

Alone is a very good track

Soothe my Soul got a good beat start is very much like a remix of Personal Jesus

Goodbye starts very country-ish good tune great beat, would love to hear Suzanne Sledge from 68-75 cover this i think it would suit her voice nicely (then again i could be talking nonsense nothing new there)

There you go my 2 pennies worth for what it matters a very strong album with one weak song on it be interesting to see how these songs work live.

I am hoping to go and see the band live this May however they are only playing 2 gigs in the UK on their "world tour" and both are at the O2 in London however i am hopeful of getting to it to see this brilliant band live.