Fergie - L.A Love, Review


Fergie is finally back on the music scene with her solo single 'L.A Love (La La)'.

After eight years, the former Black Eyed Peas singer has teamed up with rapper YG to produce a catchy comeback pop single.

Listening to the track forces you into humming along to the melody, whilst Fergie shouts out different places over the world. Some may be disappointed Scotland doesn't get recognition!

Fans are comparing the record to new-kid Iggy Azelea, so what do you think of the tune?

It's Fergie, it's going to be a big tune, particularly with a well known rapper sneaking onto the track. Make way for her return to the Charts!

'Fergie (Feat. YG) - L.A Love (La La)' is out NOW - Watch the music video below.