Midlothian Amateur Boxing Club 24th April 2015

Midlothian Amateur Boxing Club held an event in Danderhall Miners Welfare Club on 24th April 2015 where visiting clubs came from Alloa, Galashiels, and Cardenden.
9 main bouts of the evening had schoolboys, junior, female and senior in the ring.
A packed hall with 250 spectators with family and friends enjoying an entertaining night of boxing.
I have here, links to the interviews from the boxers of Midlothian Amateur Boxing Club with friends and family, as the talk about their time in the ring at tonight's event.

1. Ryan Quillietti -https://t.co/kgmHv0WDVW
Ryan fought against John Butcher from Kier Hardie (Senior 56kg Contest over 3x3 Min.
Rounds) Winner John Butcher.

2.Ross Aberdien - https://t.co/VBp2NziVHD
Ross fought against Mark Murdoch from the Bronx (Schoolboys 36kg Contest over 3x1 min rounds) Winner Ross Aberdien

3. Steven Tiffany - https://t.co/hVCnoVPHo1
Not boxing in this event talks about his boxing.

4 Brooklyn Lewis - https://t.co/YG5yK8jyc2
Brooklyn fought against Aiden Allen from Clovenstone (Schoolboys 39kg Contest 3x1 min rounds)

5. Kieran Heggie - https://t.co/I4OB8nnEWa
Kieran fought against Murray Thomson from Midlothian ( Schoolboys 62kg Contest 3x2 min rounds) Winner Kieran Heggie

6. Zak Beattie - https://t.co/P2G5yD1vfA
Zak Beattie fought against Dylan Allan from Alloa (Schoolboys contest over 3x1 min rounds) Winner Zak Beattie.

7.Auryn McCrann- https://t.co/jBxJ2XW45M
Auryn McCrann fought against Lee Welsh from Jonesy's (Schoolboys42kg contest over 3x1 min rounds) Winner Lee Welsh

8. Referee and judge - https://t.co/augV74nnk3
What about the quality of the boxers and boxing tonight ?

9. Nora Mayer - https://twitter.com/audioBoom
A friend of Nora has a chat after Nora came out of ring.
Nora fought against Jessica Stone from Galashiels ( Female 56kg over 3x2 min rounds) Winner Jessica Stone.