Scott Swaney's testimonial match on Sunday 21st July 2019

The Scott Swaney testimonial match took place on Sunday 21st July at New Victoria Park, a select team playing for Newtongrange and a Hibernian Legend team. Around about 100 supporters turned up to watch a game with plenty of goals, mostly for Newtongrange Star. Scott signed up as an 18 year old and has signed up for his 13th season for the Star, Scott is now 31 years old and was signed up away back then, Graeme "Louie" Armstrong.

Goal scorers

Craig Manson 1-0

Colin Nish 1-1

Jordan Cropley 2-1 2-2

Jono McManus 3-2

Jordon Cropley 4-2

FT Newtongrange Star Select 5 Hibernian Legends 2